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The Pro-Life Forum - This is the new forum to promote the sanctity of life in this new year of 2017. We move now into the 50th Year Anniversary since the unjust legislation of Abortion was introduced in 1967 onto the statute books in this country. How can we rid ourselves of this modern day "holocaust" ? Only by direct Catholic action and the work of a handful of Pro-Life Apostolates who adhere to the TRUTH. The Pro-life Forum broadcast each week on Wednesday at 5.00 pm - 6.00 pm on radioimmaculata will explain these Apostolates so that many more can work towards the creation of a new "culture of life" and give voice to the innocent.


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Pro-Life Forum 48 13-12-17
Pro-Life Forum 48 - Home Affairs Select Committee on PSPO's
The Forum hears The Home Affairs Committee held an evidence session on alleged harassment and intimidation near abortion clinics the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe on 12th December. The Committee heard from Ealing Councillors, abortion industry representatives, and pro-life campaigners. The aim of this session was intended to inform a Home Office review, which was announced in response to a petition by Rupa Huq MP to request the implementation of buffer zones around abortion centres. An impartial committee? The Committee was chaired by the Labour MP, Yvette Cooper, who has a consistent pro-abortion voting record, including a vote against better information and counselling for parents facing a disability diagnosis in pregnancy. Ms Cooper MP has also campaigned for buffer zones. Antonia Tully, Campaign Director of SPUC was one of those who gave evidence this morning to the Committee, providing evidence for pro-life groups alongside Clare McCullough of the Good Counsel Network. Mrs. Tully and Mrs. McCullough were eventually allowed to speak after Cllr Julian Bell and Cllr Binda Rai, of Ealing Council, John Hansen-Brevetti of MSI, and Clare Murphy of BPAS, all of whom spoke freely in favour of action to prohibit the pro-life presence outside of clinics. We consecrate everything to Our Lady Queen of the Franciscan Order.

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