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The Pro-Life Forum - This is the new forum to promote the sanctity of life in this new year of 2017. We move now into the 50th Year Anniversary since the unjust legislation of Abortion was introduced in 1967 onto the statute books in this country. How can we rid ourselves of this modern day "holocaust" ? Only by direct Catholic action and the work of a handful of Pro-Life Apostolates who adhere to the TRUTH. The Pro-life Forum broadcast each week on Wednesday at 5.00 pm - 6.00 pm on radioimmaculata will explain these Apostolates so that many more can work towards the creation of a new "culture of life" and give voice to the innocent.


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Pro-Life Forum 56 07-02-18
Pro-Life Forum 56 - The Hidden Pro-Life Saint
Forum 43 touched upon the most important 6 Pro-Life Saints. But perfection is 7, so we add a most powerful wonder-worker and hidden Saint. She has made many miracles in the Pro-Life cause. We hear a beautiful story of the life of St. Philomena the miracle-worker. We invoke her for all our children for the gift of purity, and ask for the spread of the devotion of Her Cord of Purity. Forum 56 also touches upon the grace and art to act as a "pavement counsellor" outside the abortion centre's which could result in the conversion of Mother's, the safety of the Baby and many more grace-filled consequences.

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