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The Gospel is the light of our Christian life. Week after week we concentrate ourselves on the beauty of the Word of God to make it alive into our soul. It is truly inspiring to see how the meaning of the Scriptures in general, and of the Gospel in particular, grows within ourselves insofar as we meditate on them and make its content our spiritual nourishment.St Jerome used to say that Holy Scripture is the Letter that God has written to us. This show aims at opening this letter and reading it attentively.


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Father Serafino Lent 5.03.17
Father Serafino's Commentary on the Gospel - 05March 2017
The Gospel of the 1st Sunday of Lent presents us the temptations of Christ into the desert. After having fasted for forty days and forty night, Christ was hungry. The devil took advantage of this human need to start, with a cunning perusal, pushing Christ (from without) into disobedience. But he was defeated. In fact, Jesus was tempted by the devil not because of his weakness or because of his inward inclination to concupiscence, as it happens to each on of us. Christ is God. His human nature is perfect and free from any disordered inclination. The reason of his temptation is to be found elsewhere. With St Augustine we believe that Christ was tempted, but in Christ we were tempted. Christ took from us his temptation but from Him our victory. Christ’s victory shows us how to win over the devil and all his temptations.

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