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Holy Mass Extra-Ordinary Form

Listen to various recording made at St. Mart's Gosport re-living the beauty of the Mass of the Ages - the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Extra-Ordinary Form with all the Traditional Gregorian Chant.

“We must look upon Mary as an accomplished model of every virtue and perfection that the Holy Spirit has fashioned in any simple creature. We will then be able to imitate her in the way suitable to each of us.”
St. Louis Grignion de Montfort - True Devotion to Mary.

Holy Mass EF 26th August 2018

Holy Mass - 14th Sunday after Pentecost Celebrated by Father George M. Roth

15th August 2018 Assumption

Holy Mass - Feast of Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary celebrated by Father Pio

Holy Mass EF 18th August 2018

Holy Mass - Feast of Conceptionist St. Beatrice di Silva celebrated by Father George.

Holy Mass EF 19th August 2018

13th Sunday after Pentecost celebrated by Father George on Sunday 19th August.

Holy Mass EF 21st July 2018

Holy Mass - Feast of St. Lawrence of Brindisi celebrated by Father George M. Roth

Holy Mass EF 22nd July 2018

Holy Mass - 9th Sunday After Pentecost celebrated by Father George M. Roth

11th August 2018 St. Philomena

Holy Mass - Feast of St. Philomena Virgin Martyr celebrated by Father George

Holy Mass EF 17th June 2018

Holy Mass - The 4th Sunday of Pentecost celebrated by Father George M. Roth

Holy Mass EF 30th June 2018

Commemoration of St. Paul celebrated by Father Serafino on Saturday 30th June.

Holy Mass EF 15th July 2018

Eight Sunday after Pentecost celebrated by Father Serafino on Sunday 15th July.

" The Mother of God contained the infinite God under her Heart, the God Whom no space can contain. Through her, the Trinity is adored, demons are vanquished, Satan is cast out of heaven, and our fallen nature is assumed into heaven."
Saint Cyril of Alexandria (376-444)

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About Radio Immaculata

St Maximilian strove throughout his life – with great success – to bring this message to the world through mass media; he published newspapers and periodicals, broadcasted on the airwaves, and even had plans for a movie studio! As an apostolate of the Marian Franciscans, Radio Immaculata exists to continue St Maximilian’s important work. To this end, our programming schedule is structured around the Holy Rosary, which will be prayed on air four times a day, every day, so listeners can tune in and pray together with the friars, wherever in the world.

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