The Roots of a Mariology Crisis

Latin Mass Conference Part 01 April 2018

Latin Mass Conference Part 02 April 2018

Confession Conference Part 01 May 2018

Confession Conference Part 02 May 2018

Silence Conference Part 01 December 2017

Silence Conference Part 02 December 2017

Bread Conference Part 01 February 2018

Bread Conference Part 02 February 2018

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About Radio Immaculata

St Maximilian strove throughout his life – with great success – to bring this message to the world through mass media; he published newspapers and periodicals, broadcasted on the airwaves, and even had plans for a movie studio! As an apostolate of the Marian Franciscans, Radio Immaculata exists to continue St Maximilian’s important work. To this end, our programming schedule is structured around the Holy Rosary, which will be prayed on air four times a day, every day, so listeners can tune in and pray together with the friars, wherever in the world.

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