Homilies and Reflections from Father Neil Brett


Father Neil Brett - 3rd Week Lent
Father Neil Brett speaks on the notion of being "Chosen by Christ" - "You did not choose me. No, but I chose You" (John 15:16). The Samaritan Woman at the well did not think She had been chosen either !!!
Father Neil Brett - Laetare Sunday
"The Tide of Faith was going out in Western Countries" wrote 1876 Matthew Arnold in his poem "Dover Beach". The Enlightenment meant that Religion was finished today then and even now.....or does it ???
Father Neil Brett - 5th Week Lent
Wasn't it unfair of Jesus to raise Lazarus from the dead ??? He deliberately made him go through the fear and agony of death. Look at what Jesus made the family suffer. But Why ???
Brett Easter
Father Neil Brett - Easter Sunday
Father Neil brings us to encounter the Risen Christ with Mary Magdalen. She set out while it was dark, and found Him, the true Light in the first glimpses of Dawn. What hope it gives us, that God would choose as the first witness of his resurrection, one whose previous life had been lived so far from him!
Brett Divine Mercy
Father Neil Brett - Divine Mercy
Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here and see my hands, and bring your hand and put it into my side, and do not be unbelieving, but believe.” Thomas answered and said to him, “My Lord and my God!” Jesus said to him, “Have you come to believe because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.”
Father Neil Brett - Easter Week 3
All these years I thought that when the disciples at Emmaus recognised Our Lord at the breaking of the bread, it was the power of the Eucharist that opened their eyes - apparently not ..........???
Father Neil Brett - Easter Week 4
Thank God we already have the Bible. We need to take the Bible seriously however. When Peter preaches at Pentecost some were "cut" to the heart. They recognised their guilt and need for conversion. Nowadays we see those who are cut with the word of God but others who seen to totally disregard the word.
Father Neil Brett - Easter Week 5
The destruction of Upton Park Football Ground happened in an instant. For some it was too much. Father Brett talks of the true living stone - Jesus Christ - who said that He would destroy the temple and build it back up in three days. Christ sacrifices Himself for mankind through the Ministerial Priesthood.
Brett Week 12
12th Sunday Ordinary Time Year A
Have you seen those adverts which seek to control our voice. We can buy things in this high tech world by just saying the "word". This is a seductive world where we can try to play God. Jesus "The Word" commanded by his commands. Jesus taught publicly and privately to the Apostles to avoid the threats of the Jewish Authorities.
Brett Week 13
13th Sunday Ordinary Time Year A
What would it be like to try and baptise and immerse someone in the Dead Sea. Jesus and St. John baptist choose the River Jordan to baptise in this living water. Romans 6:3 says that all who are baptised are baptised into the death of Jesus. Death liberates us from the slavery of sin.
14th Sunday Ordinary Time Year A
We are in the midst of the crisis of the little ones. The life of the baby on the life support machine Charlie Gard should be in the hands of his parents. The authorities are trying to remove his life support system to allow him to die. How can we allow the authorities to play God in this culture of death. We are a people of Hope. We pray for a return to a culture of Life.
15th Sunday Ordinary Time Year A
We hear about the parable of the Seed and Soil ??? Rootless and dry and withered or lacking the ability to bind the earth together. Lacking in fruit like our society especially in the West. Father Neil talks about the strong bond and community among the "Travelling" communities who have a strong identity and concept of family. But what of today....what of our attitude today toward immigration ???
16th Sunday Ordinary Time Year A
We hear about the parable of the wheat and the darnel. God made a good world perfect. The world does not make itself. We see today that there is still good seed bringing forth good fruit in our fallen world. Father Brett speaks of the "Evangelium" conference this weekend.
Transfiguration of Jesus Time Year A
Peter want's to worship two Prophets on the same level Jesus. God works infallibly through fallible human beings. This is the way God has designed things. We see how God uses the weakness' of the Apostles to lift them up. God dwells with us and pitched His tent amongst us. Father Neil expands upon the spiritual concepts and significance of "tents".




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