Conferences captured LIVE by Radio Immaculata at the SPUC Youth Conference March 2017


Fiorella Nash -A Path worth walking - Life, Liberty and the Rise of Pro-Life Feminism
Novelist and activist Fiorella Nash discusses feminism, the state of the pro-life movement in UK, and the empowering practice of NFP. Fiorella Nash gives a perceptive insight into the changes which have taken place in Britain over the past 50 years with regards to feminism and the Pro-Life Movement in the UK. Nash specifically looks at the use of language and the way language has changed in order to justify the heinous crime of abortion in a false sense of feminism. Nash then goes on to speak about feminism in its truest sense - how for one to be pro-woman, one must also then be pro-life; because the abortion industry provides the biggest attack and threat on women the world has ever seen. From her own experience, Nash then describes how the epitome of womanhood is found in motherhood; thus, the only movement which "embraces and celebrates the dignity of women" is a pro-life feminist movement, which truly recognises the sanctity of life and the equal dignity of men and women despite their different - yet complementary gifts.
Dr Tony Levatino - From Pro-Choice to Pro-Life
Dr. Tony Levatino - an ex-pro-choice and ex-abortion provider gives a powerful testimony describing his journey from being an abortion provider who killed 1,200 unborn children in his private abortion clinic to becoming a pro-life speaker and activist. Dr. Levatino describes in essence his indifference towards the great moral evil of abortion, he felt he was just providing another service to women in his private practice. He also describes his (and the abortion industries) drive for money as the main factor as to why abortion as an agenda is pushed so strongly. However, this all changed when Dr. Levatino's 6-year-old adopted daughter died in his arms after a road accident. His conscience began to bother him; he returned to his private clinic to continue providing abortions but this became increasingly difficult for him because he eventually realised that no matter the size of a child, each child has value and it is wrong to kill such a child. He then became involved with the pro-life movement (without any initial intention to do so) and now speaks out against the horrors of abortion. Although Dr. Leavtino admits he doesn’t feel he can ever make up for the death of those 1,200 babies, he testifies to the great power of God and the great power of prayer as a powerful means for conversion, healing and forgiveness.
Alexandra Tompson - ADF The problem with screening for Down's Syndrome
Alexandra Tompson, Legal Analyst and Veritas Scholar at ADF International, reflects on the issue of Down's syndrome screening. Alexandra Tompson serves ADF International as legal analyst and Veritas Scholar in Vienna, Austria. In her role, Tompson promotes religious freedom, sanctity of life, and marriage and the family, while supporting the EU team in Brussels, the Council of Europe team in Strasbourg, and the United Nations team in Geneva. Prior to joining ADF International, Tompson worked as an external relations officer for the Jerome Lejeune Foundation in Paris, France, where she advocated for the right to life, specifically of the unborn screened with Downs Syndrome. About 750 babies are born each year with Downs Syndrome in the UK, and there are an estimated 40,000 people living with the condition. Those with Downs Syndrome today lead fulfilling, meaningful and valuable lives, and yet in Britain today - a 'screening out' programme is being adopted where mothers are pressured to undergo pre-natal testing on their unborn children to test for Downs Syndrome which usually results in the death of unborn children with Downs Syndrome via abortion. One can see here the similarities between the Nazi regime where those who were of 'non-Aryan origin' where forced into abortions in order to eradicate them; just as those with Downs Syndrome are trying to be eradicated today. Tompson, discusses all of these points in her conference talk, along with an in-depth investigation into non-invasive testing, the right to life of all under international law and a refutation of the arguments in favour of pre-natal testing for diseases.
Dr Antony McCarthy Conference Final
Dr. Anthony McCarthy - Gender Theory, a threat to a Pro-Life Ethic
Dr. McCarthy, the Education Director of SPUC and Doctor of Philosophy (in the field of sexual ethics and the Natural Moral Law) speaks about the nature of man and how misconceptions about the nature of man leads to the immoralities promoted by gender theory such as so-called “transgenderism” and homosexuality, also how the same misconceptions of man lead to abortion and an anti-life culture. Dr. McCarthy’s talk condemns the notion of man being a “ghost in the machine” and shows how man’s identity consist of both body and soul – meaning the body is part of who we are and should not be seen as an object which can be: 1) used for selfish pleasure, 2) mutilated, 3) disposed of. He also speaks about how the “family is the foundation of justice” and so society should be orientated to support the traditional idea of the family and the God-given roles of men and women to accord with the natural order.
Dr Patricia Morgan Conference Final
Dr. Patrica Morgan - All Our Discontents, the Family under fire
Dr. Patricia Morgan speaks about the attacks ‘the family’ and marriage have undergone over the past century. Dr. Morgan describes how from the late 1800’s with so-called ‘freedom thinkers’ such as Marx and Freud - the traditional idea of the family and monogamous marriage has been under constant attack. Dr. Morgan gives a striking insight into the false ideologies and the subtle yet manipulative and divisive tactics of those over the years who have waged war on the family and marriage and tried to promote mass promiscuity, sexual immorality and anti-family principles in order to push the anti-life agenda. She then goes on to speak of the advantageous effects of natural, 2-parent families on the upbringing of children which would contribute to creating a well ordered society. Finally, she makes the point that morality is not dictated by the culture, but is a fixed law which transcends times and cultures.
Dr Joseph Meaney Conference Final
Dr. Joseph Meaney - Facts few people know about the Culture of Life and the Culture of Death
Dr. Joseph Meaney, a cradle Catholic and pro-lifer gives testimony to the power of individual and collective pro-life witness in combatting the culture of death and bringing about a restoration of the culture of life. Dr. Meaney encourages us not just to fight to make abortion illegal, but to make abortion unthinkable. He outlines the contrast between the love of the pro-life movement and the hatred/anger of the anti-life movement which actually brought about the conversion of Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe of ‘Roe v. Wade’) who became a Roman Catholic and pro-life activist. Dr. Meaney describes how abortion truly is the human right issue of our time and how we must all have the courage to stand up and witness against it – for it is truly is the difference between life and death. He argues that we must also put an end to the notion that those who promote abortion are 1) ‘pro-choice’ - because the #1 reason given by women for having an abortion is that they felt they had no choice, and 2) ‘pro-women’ – because sex-selective abortions are the greatest attack on women as they results in an increase of prostitution and female abuse.


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