Search and Rescue - Patrick Madrid

Search and Rescue - Episode 01
We have to put our trust in Our Lord and when He calls us to a search and rescue mission, we have to take the plunge and begin. We have to resist the urge to make up excuses and not proceed. Instead, we need to pray to the Holy Spirit and boldly charge forward.
Search and Rescue - Episode 02
Search and Rescue missions need to start somewhere. The easiest starting off point is the common ground with the person we are sharing Our Lord's message with. From there, we can discuss where we diverge and why Our Lord's is Who He claimed to be.
Search and Rescue - Episode 03
Our ego is a normal part of who we are as human beings; but if we are going to be effective Search and Rescuers, we need to keep it in its proper place. We must cultivate a loving heart. We must concentrate on sowing seeds of truth and let God handle the rest.
Search and Rescue - Episode 04
Often times there's much more below the surface than what is presented. We need to listen and pay attention to those signs. We then need to respond to those needs correctly. This is where prayer and true regard for another person come in to play.
Search and Rescue - Episode 05
We don't do what's right or good because we expect everything to go our way. We build what's good because we're made for that and because we please God when we do so. When we present our five loaves and two fish to Our Lord, we do so trusting that He will multiply them, trusting that His grace will operate effectively according to His plan and His will.
Search and Rescue - Episode 06
To effectively engage in Search and Rescue missions, we need to become Apostles - "one who is sent". Love is the common denominator in successful Search and Rescue missions.
Search and Rescue - Episode 07
We have to learn what our Faith teaches and how to live it. The Psalms and Canticles, the figures in Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church: these are all great starting points and deep wells of spiritual truth that we can drink from and then share with others.
Search and Rescue - Episode 08
Our hidden faults and subtle pride can intefere with the Search and Rescue missions Our Lord entrusts to us. We have to uproot the spiritual weeds and cultivate the virtues in our heart and understand that God does the heavy lifting. We only sow the seeds. He does the rest. We have to keep in mind that apart from Christ we can do nothing. However, the corollary is also true. What is impossible with men is possible with God.
Search and Rescue - Episode 09
The more irritating the non-Catholic approach, the more we need to arm ourselves with patience. After all, Our Lord has been patient with us in our sins. Can we not likewise show patience to others?
Search and Rescue - Episode 10
Prayer is key to successful Search and Rescue missions. However, so are good example and friendship. Together they make up the bedrock foundation from which we can become God's instruments in evagelization.


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