A Parliament of Saints

A stranger in your own house - Utopia, Thomas More
A Stranger in your own house (Utopia St. Thomas More)
Go down to the potter's house - Jeremiah 18
Go Down to the Potter's House - (Jeremiah (18,2)
I will obey your statutes - Psalm 119
I will obey your statutes - (Psalm 119,8)
If the Prophet had commmanded you - 2 Kings 5
If the Prophet had commanded you - (2 Kings 5:13)
Light from light - the Nicene Creed
Light from Light - the Nicene Creed
Look, there is the lamb of God - John 1
Look! There is the Lamb of God - (John 1,
We have become a spectacle - 1 Corinthians 4
We have Become a Spectacle - (1 Cor 4,9)
Without which you will not see The Lord - Hebrews 12
Without which you will not see the Lord - (Hebrews 12)

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