Building a Marian Culture - Interviews in and around the Diocese



1.New Interview with Gregory Hogan
Interview with Gregory Hogan
Gregory Hogan is a Catholic school teacher who is married with two daughters. He attends the parish Church of the Sacred Heart in Bournemouth. In this interview he explains his aspirations to found a new Catholic School and explains how current Catholic schools can improve and tells us about the curriculum that this possible new School would have which is the study of the Classics and the 'Triviuum'.
2.New Interview with Hogans
Interview with the Hogan Family
The Hogan Family - Gregory, Melody, Stephanie and Christina kindly agreed to be interviewed and give great insights into why they have a love for the Extraordinary form of the Roman Rite (the Tridentine Mass). Melody shares her experiences in Iraq where she was born as well as her experience as a Mother, Stephanie a recent University Graduate share's her experience as a University student and Christina who was 15 years old during the interview explains some of the challenges of being a young Catholic.
3.New Sr. Maria Interview
Interview with Sr. Maria
Sr. Maria of the Dominican Sisters of St. Joseph was interviewed at St. Joseph's retreat centre. It was there in that house that their community began. Sr. Maria explains the powerful intercession of St. Joseph who always provides for those who invoke him telling us that he intercedes particularly on a Wednesday which is the day dedicated to him. Sr. Maria also tells us about the Dominican spirituality.
4.New Interview Sisters Stella Matutino
Interview with Sr. Rebecca Marie
This interview took place at Portsmouth Cathedral on the 2nd February the Feast of the Presentation which is also the feast of Religious Life. Sr. Rebecca Marie explains that we are all called for a specific mission and that it is through following this mission that we will all be happy. Sharing her knowledge of Mary as Co-Redemptrix she explains how Mary is a model and how she as a religious can live the 'Royal Priesthood of the Faithful' (also known as the 'Common Priesthood').
Interview with Greg Nwokora
Greg Nwokora is a Parishioner at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church in Gosport Hampshire, he is also the head of a tribe in Nigeria and is a King who has the title of Your Royal Highness. Find out how Greg lives his faith as a ruler of a tribe and some of the many challenges he faces as well as the culture in Nigeria where he is a Sovereign.
Spirituality of the Deacon Edited
Interview with Deacon Stephen Morgan
Deacon Steven Morgan is a Deacon in the diocese of Portsmouth. This interview took place on the day when conferences were held for the Deacon's in the Diocese of Portsmouth. Deacon Steven Morgan shares his experience as a Deacon opening us up to the spirituality that exists within it.
Interview Tony
Interview with Tony Campbell
Tony Campbell is a parishioner at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church in Gosport where Radio Immaculata is based. He is a Folk singer and for some time was away from the faith. During the interview Tony speaks briefly about his Catholic upbringing in Northern Ireland where he is from.
Interview Fr. Des Finished Version
Interview with Fr. Desmond Connolly SMM
Fr. Desmond Connolly is a De Montfort Father who is the current Superior of the St. Joseph's Centre in Ashurst. He is being interviewed in the kitchen of the retreat centre preparing a meal for some guest's. He generously explains some of the teachings of St. Louis De Monfort and gives advice on how to live one's consecration to Mary.
Interview with Fr. Guy Nicholls.
Fr. Guy Nicholls is a Priest from the Birmingham Oratory. In this interview Fr. Nicholls explains who the Oratorian's are and what they do. He tells us about the Founder St. Phillip Neri and how we can find within St. Phillip Neri some of the core value's of what the Oratorian's aim to achieve. Fr. Guy also gives us an insight into who Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman was who founded the Birmingham Oratory where Fr. Nicholls is based.
Interview with Constance Watson
Interview with Constance Watson.
Constance Watson is a freelance journalist from London who was raised in a large Catholic family from Somerset. Having agreed to be interviewed after having interviewed the Friars for a Catholic journal she describes briefly her upbringing and her career as she is also a secretary. In contributing to the program 'Building a Marian Culture' she speaks of her openness to grow in discovering the presence of Mary and welcomes the idea of entrusting our actions to Mary.
Eduardo Interview
Interview with Eduardo.
Eduardo Francisco Perez is a ten year old parishioner from St. Mary's R.C in Gosport. He explains his love for God and his desire to get to know him, sharing some of his experiences and trying to help others become closer to God. Eduardo likes to call God the God of Light who is the light as Eduardo put it and he also shares a passage of the Bible where we can understand that God is the light.
Interview with Dr. Joseph Shaw
Interview with Dr. Joseph Shaw
Dr. Joseph Shaw is the Chairman of the Latin Mass Society (The LMS) and Senior Research Fellow at St Benet's Hall, Oxford University. In an interview given for Radio Immaculata Dr. Joseph Shaw explain's who the Latin Mass Society are what they do and how they came about as well as sharing some of his own experiences and thoughts regarding the Latin Mass.
Interview with Mary Ebanks
Interview with Mary Ebanks
Mary Ebanks is from Grenada in the Caribbean. She currently lives in London and is part of the 'A Day With Mary' Apostolate. Listen to her share her experience in working with ADWM as well as giving us a small insight into how the people of Grenada were rewarded for their strong faith as she briefly recounts some of the turmoil the people of that Island suffered during an attempt to turn the nation into a Communist Colony.
England Interview
Interview on England
These interviews are dedicated particularly to England as in these interviews which have been combined together - one with an Anglican convert and another very brief interview with a Parishioner of St. Mary's Gosport who was received into the Church at a late age, we can understand the need to pray for England and pray that more people convert and come into the fold.
The Chatres Pilgrimage 2017
The Chatres Pilgrimage 2017
Interviews during The Chatres Pilgrimage 2017 in France.
Interview for female vocation and reparation
Interview for female vocation and on reparation
Clara from Brazil was interviewed in the square in Fatima this May (May 13th 2017) who travelled to Portugal after having visited Spain. She is presented with a couple of female Saints in an attempt to inspire her along her journey, and after this, having met a Filipino couple from London who have been travelling over Europe in a Mini Van we hear briefly about what has been entrusted to the Mystic Louisa Piccaretta..
Interview with Fr. Michael McCormack
Interview with an Exorcist Fr. Michael McCormack
Fr. Michael McCormack is an exorcist who having been present at a Priestly Ordination in the Old Rite in Warrington close to Liverpool kindly agreed to be interviewed. Listen as he explain's briefly what being an exorcist entails
Interview with Handmaid Sisters
Interview with Sisters from the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus
This interview was given on the 2nd February outside of Portsmouth Cathedral. Listen to this interview where the Sisters explain briefly who the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus are and what they do.
March For Life Interviews
Interview at the March for Life in Birmingham 2017
These interviews were done during the March for Life in Birmingham in May 2017. One of those interviewed is Carol Smith from 'God's Precious Infant's'. During the day a some people were briefly able to share their experience in the Pro- Life movement one of them is a College student who lives close to Liverpool.
Interview with Maria and Kathia
Interview on abortion with a young Lady (with her Mother) who changed her mind
In this Interview a young nineteen year old who was going to have an abortion out of fear from the possible reaction of her Mother tells her tale and is interviewed together with her Mother. Find out what caused her to change her mind and how the providence of God intervened enabling her baby to be born.
Interview with Mr. Paul Yates
Interview with Mr. Paul Yates
In this interview Mr. Paul Yates who is a Parishioner at St. Mary's Church in Gosport shares he and his wife Cathy's experience during their pilgrimage to the shrine of Our Lady of Guadaloupe in Mexico.
Interview with John Henry Westen
Interview with John-Henry Western
Mr. John-Henry Western is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of John-Henry founded the Rome Life Forum an annual strategy meeting for pro-life leaders worldwide. He co-founded Voice of the Family and is a consultant to Canada's largest pro-life organisation Campaign Life Coalition. In an interview for Radio Immaculata on the theme of Fatima John-Henry reveals his deep love for the Immaculate Virgin and his love for the Church and for souls.
Interview with Dr. Anca Maria Cernea
Interview with Dr. Anca Maria Cernea
In this interview which took place during a Marian Symposium at Buckfast Abbey Dr. Anca explains what she describes as being a 'Cultural Marxism' and why in her opinion the current Russian regime is not to be trusted.
Interview with Professor Roberto DeMattei
Interview with Professor Roberto de Mattei
In this interview which took place during a Marian Symposium at Buckfast Abbey called 'Fatima 100 years later a Marian Call for the Whole Church' Prof. de Mattei answers questions regarding the consequences that result after not having complied with Our Lady's request to consecrate russia and propagate the First Five Saturdays devotion particularly under Pope Pius XI.
Interview with Fr. Marcus Holden
Interview with Fr. Marcus Holden.
In this another interview that took place at Buckfast Abbey Fr. Marcus Holden gives a basic summary of his conference which was entitled 'Eschatology: Hell, Purgatory, Heaven as Accounted by the seers of Fatima'.
Interview with Fr. Thomas Crean
Interview with Fr. Thomas Crean O.P.
Fr. Thomas Crean who is a Dominican Theologian gave this interview during Symposium on Fatima at Buckfast Abbey. In this interview Fr. Thomas Crean helps us to understand better sacrifice, penance and reparation particularly in connection with the Fatima message as well as giving his own personal advice on how we can live these more effectively in our lives and preach them also.
Interview with Fr. Richard
Interview with Fr. Richard Duffied
Fr. Richard Duffield is an Oratorian Priest who gave a conference called 'Fatima and the Holy Rosary' during a Marian Symposium on Fatima at Buckfast Abbey. In this interview Fr. Duffied summarizes the important message of the Rosary and the unfortunate reality that many people are not heeding this simple request to pray the Rosary.
Interview with Cardinal Burke
Interview with H.E. Raymond Cardinal Burke.
In this interview which took place on October 13th the last and final apparition of Our Lady at Fatima in which there was the miraculous miracle of the sun, Cardinal Raymond Burke, in a brief interview given during the Fatima Symposium at Buckfast Abbey in Devon England, gives a message to those faithful who still believe we have not complied with Our Lady's wishes at Fatima as well as revealing some particular devotions that he has.
Nigeria Interview fINAL
Interview with Mrs Oluwaseyi Mary Osagie
Oluwaseyi is a parishioner at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Gosport who is from Nigeria. Her mother was a Muslim who later converted to the faith. She is a talented actress and saw the great work that was being done by the Catholic Youth Organisation of Nigeria (CYON). Listen to her story and hear also a prayer for the Nigerian people.
Mary Ebanks interview with John the Animator
Interview with John the Animator
Mary Ebanks who once gave an interview for Radio Immaculata now takes up her role as an interviewer and interviews John from London who received a degree in animation. Listen to their talk on the possibilities animation can offer toward building a Marian culture.
Interview with Fr. Alesssandro
Interview with Alessandro Maria Apollonio
This interview is all about Blessed John Duns Scotus. Fr. Alessandro is a Theologian, Mariologist and Scotist. In this interview which is in Italian Fr. Alessandro explains why Blessed John Duns Scotus is so little known, who he is and talks a little bit about today's current crisis which can be seen as a subtle form of Nominalism.
Interview with Aba Shields on Marriage
Interview with Aba Shields
Mrs Aba Shields who works for the Marriage and Family Life office for the Diocese of Portsmouth. Tackling some difficult questions put to her Aba shows that her own life of prayer and sacrifice enables her give an enriching contribution to our Building a Marian Culture episodes. Her own personal experience can also enlighten those who may be contemplating marriage or who help prepare others for the sacrament of marriage

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