Father John 1
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 1
Fr. Gregory Finis is the Superior General of the Missionaries of the Immaculate Heart of Mary who explains his decision to send his missionaries to England. Having assigned two Priest's to a parish in a dangerous part of London which has predominately Black British residents these two Priest's have a meeting before their arrival in this new Parish. The episode begins when one of the locals - a white Caucasian youth called Mark meets Fr. John Overton for the first time then two other youth's arrive on the scene later. The show ends with Fr. John who in being successful in stinking a chord with these youth is able to meet the uncle of one of them on another occasion and in this meeting with Fr. John and the Rastafarian Uncle who's name is 'Ras Vibes' or 'Ras Menelik' Fr. John attempts his first inter-religious dialogue.
Father John 2
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 2
In this episode there will be a changing of the Priest's and a new Parish Priest will soon be appointed. In this a Christmas episode Fr. John Overton was successful in inviting the three youth he met - Mark, Leroy a.k.a Michael and Ashley who's Uncle he met in the last episode to a talk on Christmas given by another Missionary of the Immaculate heart of Mary Fr. John Michael Donald. After Fr. Donald's talk who briefly meets the three youth Fr. John Overton allows them to participate in a custom during the Epifany of choosing a virtue to practice during the year which is taken from a basket which has the virtue's written down on a folded up piece of paper. Fr. John is able to know through this which virtue's these three youth's particularly lack and he himself is made aware that he has to devote himself more to prayer which he will later on do as he will leave the Parish for a more contemplative life and Fr. John Michael Donald will now be the Parish Priest.
Father John 3
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 3
Fr. John Michael Donald the new Parish Priest has been invited to speak on a Catholic Internet Radio Station in Hampshire. Leroy is eager to go with him as he is planning to set up his own music venture and is interested in seeing studio equipment so Fr. John agree's to bring him along even though he is not Catholic. Little didi they know that mark was following them as he was aware Leroy went to the studio for that reason and Mark hopes to be a business partner of Leroy in his music venture. They talk about what life is like where they live live on the radio and Fr. John ries to explain to them the love of God through some parable's of the Gospel.
Father John 4
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 4
In this episode of Fr. John goes again to Gosport with an Indian parishioner called Raphael who gives a testimony of his conversion especially how he knew so little about Impurity and what sins are impure sins and how they are mortal sins. fr. John speaks a bit about the great Holiness that a priest must have.
Father John 5
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 5
In this episode Fr. John Mellor tries to have a debate that is recorded for his Parish entitiled 'Is Rap Music good?'. Some of the local youth are invited - Leroy, Mark, Ashley who has come with a fried called Tunde and Raphael is there too.
Father John 6
Dialogue with Father John - Episode 6
This is the second part of a debate called 'Is Rap music good?' which was recorded by Fr.John Mellor and some guest's as part of a parish initiative. In the last debate one of the participant got quite upset as he himself is a rapper and the music was heavily criticized by Raphael who was one of the guest's . This time around Fr. John Michael Donald is present and tries to give both sides an opportunity to express their opinions allowing Ashley to perform a rap song which he himself collaborated on by giving the young Rapper the material from which to write.