Father Serafino Homily - First Saturday August 05th
We have the beautiful devotion directed towards the Immaculate Heart in Mary. We must practice the first 5 Saturdays but also keep Our Lady company in order to repair all sins committed against Her Immaculate Heart. We need to be driven in this devotion by a deep love of Jesus through the Immaculate, to console both Jesus and Mary.
Father Serafino Homily Feast Transfiguration 06-08-17
Jesus shines in His Humanity and in the splendour of His clothes. The Father confirms that Christ is His true Son. The two Prophets of the Old Covenant come to witness to the the true Divinity of Jesus and to manifest that Jesus is the Messiah. We have an anticipation of the future glory to come but first we must as faithful Catholics pass through the cross. We have a mountain between Tabor and Heaven. This mountain is the cross which we must all pass through.
Father George Homily Feast Transfiguration 06-08-17
In today’s Gospel, we are given a glimpse of the great glory of God in heaven. While His stunned Apostles – Peter, James, and John – look on, the transfigured Jesus speaks of His coming Passion with the Prophet Elias and Moses, the Father of the Law. It is truly a revelation beyond our earthly comprehension: a penetrating (or “rare”) vision of eternity. Jesus reveals the glory of His Divinity, as St John told us in the beginning of his Gospel: “And we saw his glory – glory as of the only begotten of the Father – full of grace and truth.” (Jn 1:14).