Father Pio Homily - October 15th 2017
Many times we try to imagine what it will be like in Heaven. It will surely be a place of heavenly delights prepared by God, but we will never know for sure until we arrive there. Today we see the image of HEAVEN as a wedding Feast of the Son of God. Everyone is invited.
Father Pio Homily - October 15th 2017
Father Pio speaks especially to the Children of the Catechism classes participating in the Mass. Jesus talks to the leaders of the Jews by relating a story of a King who had a son who was about to get married. He wanted to invite everyone to the feast. But we see many making excuses to the servants. Do we have an excuse not to attend this party ???
Father George Homily - October 15th 2017
The Marriage Feast is the Mystery of the Incarnation or the wedding of Jesus Christ to his bride the Church - becoming flesh in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Jesus leaves the Bridal Chamber of the womb to save us and take us back to heaven as his eternal brides.