Musical Meditations with fra Marianus - Christmas Special
22-xii-16 Facing the mystery
We learn from Saint Joseph as he encounters the mystery of the Incarnation.
29-12-16 Musical Meditations
29-xii-16 Rose of a Rose
We reflect on what it is that this Divine Flower brings
Musical Mediations - Epiphany
5-i-17 Behold the Lamb of God
We adapt ourselves to Bethlehem's Cave, where Infinity is veiled in humility
12-1-17 Musical Meditations
12-i-17 God made Marian
Opening our hearts, that through Mary Christ will come, and give us the whole Holy Trinity
19-1-17 Musical Meditations
19-i-17 Dominus tecum
Learning to stay with Mary, 'She with whom the Lord Is'
26-1-17 Musical Meditations
26-i-17 Benedicta tu
Seeing our lives in the light of Mary's blessedness
2-2-17 Musical Meditations
2-ii-17 Benedictus fructus ventris tui
Reflecting on 'Divine Fruitfulness'
9-2-17 Musical Mediations
9-ii-17 IESUS - Our Lord the Saviour
Having no hope but in God, the power of spiritual abandonment, Mary as the true Esther
16-ii-17 IESU-MARIA
16-ii-17 IESU-MARIA
On lovingly invoking the Holy Name of Jesus, and coming to the most simple, powerful prayer
23-2-17 Musical Mediations
23-ii-17 MATER DEI
Reflecting on how the Holy Trinity comes to us, our motherly nourishment
2-3-17 Musical Meditations
2-iii-17 Pray for us “Mediatrix
We reflect on how Mary will present our souls to God.
9-3-17 Musical Meditations
9-iii-17 “Us Sinners”
Saying sorry to God and letting him rebuild us, all about the tender merciful heart of God.
16-3-17 Muscial Meditations
16-iii-17 Praying
Learning to pray moment by moment, fixing a loving gaze on God, living His Will in contact with His 'eternal present'
23-3-17 Musical Meditations
23-iii-17 At the Hour of our Death
Reflecting on the Christian transformation of Death, Dying as a definitive moment, the power of prayer.
30-3-17 Musical Meditations
30-iii-17 My soul has thirsted for the Living God
Reflecting on our need for God, the fountain of living waters, seeing how our life on earth is a journey towards meeting Him face to face.
6-iv-17 Muscial Meditations
6-iv-17 The Excessive Love of Christ
Plummeting the depths of our poor human condition, and then plunging ourselves into the depths of Christ’s sacrificial love: a superabundant remedy.
Good Friday
13-iv-17 Love is strong as Death
We open ourselves to the kind of gratitude which only God's grace can give us, as we realise more and more what that Love is, which poured itself out for us on that Most Blessed, Sweetest Friday: God himself gives us the love we need to reciprocate such a love as his.
20-4-17 Musical Meditations
20-iv-17 The New Creation
Reflecting on "This Day which the Lord has made", and sharing in the joy of the Blessed Virgin.
Musical Med 27-4-2017
27-iv-17 The Good Shepherd
Using one of the very ancient texts for Eastertime, we explore the identity of the 'Good Shepherd': how can he save his sheep by dying? how does that protect them from the wild animals? In this episode we learn to open our souls to the full power of this rescuing action of Christ, to begin truly to live a life under the invincible protection of 'the one who died but is alive'.
4-5-17 Musical Meditations
4-v-17 Magnificat - The Perfect Song
Reflecting on our deepest reason for existing, and what it might mean to fulfil that purpose for which God made us.
11-5-17 Musical Meditations
11-v-17 - The Heart of Mary is the answer
Reflecting on the difference between a humble heart and a proud heart, entering into the humility of Mary's Immaculate Heart
18-5-17 Musical Meditations
18-v-17 A Mystery of God
"For He has done great things in me, He who is mighty, and Holy is His Name": in this episode we come into a closer contact with the reality of a Human Heart free from obstacles, able to be transfigured completely by the Divine Presence.
25-5-17 Muswical Meditations
25-v-17 Transforming our Hearts
In this episode we begin to reflect on how our hearts can be changed, according to God's designs; the part that we have to play in this transformation and the part that God plays; the possibility to live 'Heaven on Earth'.
1-6-17 Muscial Meditations
1-vi-17 Come Holy Spirit
Taking our Lady's Heart as our model, teacher and guide, we go deeper into the ways of intense personal contact with the Holy Spirit within us
8-6-17 Musical Meditations
8-vi-17 A Life of Thanks
Reflecting on becoming more and more fully receptacles of God
Musical Meditations 15-vi-17
15-vi-17 Living Bread
What is this 'memorial' our Lord left for us as He prepared to go to His death? What is this gift, of He Himself, the Living Bread which we have to eat, to receive His Life?
22-6-17 Musical Meditations
22-vi-17 Heart of Jesus
A reflection on the infinite depths of Divine Love, gushing forth from the pierced Heart of Christ
29-6-17 Musical Meditations
29-vi-17 Peter the Rock
To be truly spiritual, to be in contact with the one true God, and not an imaginary god of our own making: we must be fixed as stone in the truth God has revealed to us. These are not rigid, cold stones - as some critics would tell us - but living stones, immovable insofar as they are grafted to the one Divine Rock who is Christ.
5-7-17 Musical Meditations
6-vii-17 Spem in alium
When we come to live with God as truly our only security, when all our hopes and desires lie exclusively in Him, how our situation would change!!
13-7-17 Musical Meditations
In this episode we meditate on the presence of God which transforms even the most humanly hopeless situations. We open up the wonders of His plan to have us share in His very own perspective: a great and very necessary comfort in our desperately troubled times!
20-7-17 Musical Meditations
Returning to the deeply inspiring music of Thomas Tallis, in this episode we focus on the Most Precious Blood of Christ: the true 'Life-Blood' which, poured out for us, gives us eternal life. We place ourselves before the mystery of this 'price', this vastly abundant value, which is there to bring us - and the whole world - to the fullness of salvation, if only we would make use of it.
27-7-17 Musical Meditations
27-vii-17 Holy Poverty
Continuing through the Magnificat, the perfect song of a soul, we consider the way of self-emptying - to be filled with God; the way of self-abasement - to be lifted to the heights of God; and the way of littleness - to be enlarged in God.
3-8-17 Musical Meditations
3/viii/17 The Desert
Continuing in the paths of spiritual poverty, we arrive at the spirituality of the desert. With the composer Josquin we behold the most perfect spiritual desert, the Blessed Virgin Mary: Virginity made Divine Fruitfulness. Is God drawing us too into the desert, to speak tenderly also to us?
21-9-17 Musical Meditations
21-ix-17 Who is She?
Continuing further into the spirituality of the desert, we come to the question: Who is She, who rises through the desert, like a pillar of smoke?
5-10-17 Musical Meditations
5-x-17 I saw the Beautiful One
Going deeper into this world of the desert, we now begin to see what it is to mean practically in our own lives
12-10-17 Musical Meditations
12-x-17 Come, my dove!
This time with words from the Song of Songs we enter the loving dialogue between God and the soul: between God and Mary, and between God and the souls who place themselves in Mary.
19-10-17 Musical Meditations
19-x-17 Our Response
In the last meditation we heard something of God's call, continuing with musical settings from the Song of Songs we now begin to explore the greatest ways to respond to his call.
26-10-17 Musical Meditations
26-x-17 You have wounded my Heart
With more poetry from the Song of Songs, we hear the voice of God's love speaking tenderly to us.

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