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This is the all new radio station of the Franciscan Friars at Gosport. We hope to be instruments in the hands of the Immaculate and launch this exciting evangelisation project all in honour of her who is all fair and without stain of sin. The Marian Franciscans in Gosport are pleased to announce the official launch of their new internet radio station, Radio Immaculata. Please Listen using this Widget Below.

Immaculate Conception

This is a very special feast day for the friars, as it celebrates the beginning of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s earthly life, and the moment at which she was miraculously preserved from all stain of original sin by the merits of the Saviour she would later bring forth into the world for the salvation of all mankind. What better day, then, to launch Radio Immaculata, whose slogan is “Bringing Forth Christ Through Mary”?

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 This simple mission statement is the essence of the Marian Franciscans’ spirituality, developed and promoted by St Maximilian Kolbe, the great twentieth century saint and martyr who volunteered to die in the place of a fellow prisoner at Auschwitz. Known as the “Apostle of Consecration to Mary”, St Maximilian believed that the surest way to win souls for Christ is through devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Our Apostolate on Radio Immaculata
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St Maximilian strove throughout his life – with great success – to bring this message to the world through mass media; he published newspapers and periodicals, broadcasted on the airwaves, and even had plans for a movie studio! As an apostolate of the Marian Franciscans, Radio Immaculata exists to continue St Maximilian’s important work. To this end, our programming schedule is structured around the Holy Rosary, which will be prayed on air four times a day, every day, so listeners can tune in and pray together with the friars, no matter where they are in the world..


As an apostolate of the Marian Franciscans, Radio Immaculata exists to continue St Maximilian’s important work - to bring this message of Mary to the world through the mass media.

Radio Shows

On Sunday 13th May a series of conferences was held on the great Papal Encyclical "Humanae Vitae" given at the Family Life International Conference. Check out the Audio on Demand's below.

Audio on Demand

Many of these programmes will be presented by the Friars themselves – including live talk shows, so listeners can call in and speak with the Friars live on air. Let us Listen to the Truth - Jesus Christ.


Please help the Friars to support and develop this Mass Media Project for the greater glory of God through the Immaculate so that all souls can be saved. Help us to give Mary to the World.

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Check out what show is playing now and look at the Daily Schedule to make a note of those broadcasts which you can help you in your pursuit of Christian Perfection.

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Contact the Friars with any questions of look out for the Facebook and Twitter Accounts to enables us to Listen to your requests to produce a Radio Station worthy of the Immaculate.

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Family Life Conferences on Humanae Vitae - also use App to Listen

Humanae vitae, Pope Paul’s VI’s last encyclical, is undoubtedly one of the 20th century’s most prophetic documents. Rejected by modernity and even by many lay Catholics, priests and bishops, the predictions of the encyclical have all, nonetheless, been fulfilled, so that, within 50 years of its publication, our world, in many ways, differs little from the Biblical description of the time of Noah or of Sodom. This year’s Conference, by joining the dots, will show the connection between Our Lady’s messages at Fatima and Akita with the rejection of Humanae vitae and the consequences for the 21st Century

Four Prophesies and Four Sins - Fr Linus Clovis

In 1968, Pope Paul VI issued Humanae Vitae, where, with commendable clarity, he restated the Church's teaching, prophetically warning of grave consequences if not adhered to. The teaching was rejected and, within 50 years, those grave consequences have morphed into the near complete global institutionalization of the four sins that cry to heaven for vengeance.

Family: Key to Catholic restoration - Michael Matt

As the Catholic Church undergoes the worst crisis in her history, Michael will explain how the Catholic family can survive, keep the Faith, and contribute mightily to the worldwide Catholic restoration movement. From homeschooling and fighting the culture war to the Latin Mass and the Rosary-the Catholic family is absolutely key to Catholic counterrevolution.

Listen to Canada Silent No More - Denise Mountenay

Denise is the Founder/President of'Canada Silent No More'. For over 25 years she has been candidly sharing her experience of rape, teen pregnancy and abortion. She has spoken to audiences in Universities, High Schools, Churches, Conferences, Prisons, Radio and Television. Denise is the Founder/President of ‘Canada Silent No More’ (CSNM).

Humanae Vitae and the mass media Fr. Nicholas Grace

Fr Nicholas Grace is a priest in the Religious Order Institute of the Incarnate Word. His presentation will focus on the background and reasons why Humanae Vitae was written by Pope Paul VI and how a number of agents including some in the Church, the pharmaceutical industry and others galvanizing the mass media in order to persuade the Church to change its teaching on birth control.

Latin MASS Retreat Talk 01

Father George 13-05-18

Father Serafino Homily 12-05-18

Father Serafino Homily 13-05-18

8 hours Adoration to #savethe8th

What can we do in England to help the Irish in the Referendum on 25th May to keep the Eighth. Simply said, we must storm heaven even at this late stage. What we plan at the last moment is to propose for all willing Parishes in the UK, on the eve of the referendum starting at 10 pm Thursday May 24th - 8 hours Adoration to #savethe8th - ending at Friday May 25th 6 am with the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass and the crowning of a statue of Mary in Her month of May under the Title of Our Lady of Knock.

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