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Latest Audio - Homilies last Weekend from St.Mary's

Father Pio Homily - November 12th 2017
A new children's choir starts at St. Mary's Gosport. Father Pio grills the children about the Gospel. We should be prepared for the Kingdom of God. In this week's Gospel, Jesus Christ teaches us the story of the 10 Young Maidens who were preparing for their wedding, and holding lamps filled with oil.
Father Serafino Homily - November 12th 2017
In the same Gospel about the 10 Wise Virgins and during Remembrance Sunday we think about the last hour of our death and to be ready, awake to be with the Bridegroom who is Christ.
Father George Homily - November 12th 2017
“Take courage, daughter; thy faith has saved thee.” (Mt. 9:22) Today’s readings remind us of the power of Jesus Christ who, as a divine person, can do all things. Because Jesus Christ is the Son of God, we owe Him our gratitude, our worship, and our adoration.

"We Care About Women" - SPUC National Conference 2017.


Audio's form the Conference to Listen to !!!

John-Henry Weston on Global Pro-Life Battle
John-Henry Weston SPUC 2017 Conference - The Global Pro-Life Battle
Editor and Chief of LifeSite News provides the 2017 Conference with a powerful conference on the epic stuggle for the Culture of Life. Mentioned here are not the normal concerns by the Pro-Life leaders around the world in their defence against the dignity of Human Life from conception to natural death, BUT, the confusion inherent within the leaders of the Catholic Church itself which seems to be unprecedented in History. The final message is of Hope and Prayer because in our mission, we beg God for the conversion of all souls so that one day we will all be in heaven together.
Antonia Tully on latest SPUC Strategy
Antonia Tully SPUC 2017 Conference - The Ongoing Mis-Certification Campaign
Antonia Tully - The Safe at Schools Coordinator at SPUC gives a most enlightening discourse with a new message of hope in the enlightening initiative to canvass for legal pressure to be brought down upon the many Doctors who sign off Abortions illegally under the limitation of the 1967 Act. This is the Mis-Certification Campaign. This would enforce the practical application of these limitations in a legal way to reduce radically the number of Abortions in the UK. She speaks also of the threat to Decriminalise abortion
John Smeaton on Jacob Rees-Mogg
John Smeaton SPUC 2017 Conference - The effect of the Truth stated by Jacob Rees-Mogg
John Smeaton - Chief Executive of SPUC informs us of the ripple of effect of tye defence of the right for life made by Jacob Rees-Mogg in an interview with Piers Morgan. A prominent figure who defended the right for life in all circumstances, must pave the way now for us to continue the battle for life. We have 9 million reasons to continue this fight. We pray for a return for the Culture of Life in the UK. How can we achieve this ? By Prayer and a massive grass roots campign to lobby our MP's to repeal this unjust law and make the notion of abortion unthinkable.
Tom Rogers on LGBT in our Schools
Tom Rogers SPUC 2017 Conference - LGBT Ideology in our Schools
Dr. Tom Rogers SPUC Education Outreach Manager gives an outline to the extremely dangerous attempt by the Educational Authorities to exploit our children with the LGBT ideology. There is an attempt to make "relationships education" compulsory. We must fight against this proposed child exploitation to put our children at risk. The parents and not the state are the most responsible for the welfare, education and behaviour of their children. This new LGBT ideology, which looks to be implmented in 2019 in our schools, must be rejected at all costs from classrooms to protect the souls and innocence of our children.
Professor John Wyatt on Caring for the Weakest
Professor John Wyatt SPUC 2017 Conference - Caring for the Weakest, A paediatrician's perspective
John Wyatt is Professor of Neonatal Paediatrics at University College London and a Consultant Neonatologist at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, an internationally recognised tertiary centre for the care of the newborn. He has a long-standing interest in the ethical and social implications of advances in biomedical technology and is currently collaborating with colleagues at UCL in the creation of an academic centre to address these issues. He gives the SPUC Conference the benefit of his practical experience and some heart rendering examples in the fine line of a peadiatrician in the decision between the life and death of the child.


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