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Latest Audio Talks from St.Mary's

Marian Retreat Conference 01 24-02-18
Marian Retreat 01 - Man does not live by bread alone !!!
We are reflecting on Temptations. Jesus stays in the desert before starting His ministry. He wanted just to be alone with the Father in heaven, to deepen His relationship with the Father as True Man. In our busy lives we must also, like Jesus, take time out in isolation to find God. We must imitate Jesus in seeking the company of God the Father in the Holy Spirit.
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Marian Retreat Conference 02 24-02-18
Marian Retreat 02 - Man does not live by bread alone !!!
The second meditation we follow upon the reflection of the mystery of the "desert". We must avoid attachment to material things. The root of these dis-ordered attachments comes form the evil one. Let us always do things ordered to God. We must adore God through the Spirit. Father Serafino talks about the three taps of Lent, Prayer, Penance and finally Alms-Giving.
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Father George Homily 17-03-18
Father George Homily - 17th March 2018
We commemorate the Feast of St.Patrick as we beg for his powerful intercession desperate needed in this age when the pagans would like to return to a period of Child Sacrifice - if this referendum coming up in May repeals the 8th amendment to protect the unborn.
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Father Pio Homily 18-03-18
Father Pio Homily - 17th March 2018
The bible is divided into two parts. Father Pio tells us that the word "testament meaning covenant of alliance. God makes a promise to the chosen race but asks for fidelity from the people by means of "blood". Jesus sheds His own blood in the new convenant with the gift of Redemption. We are the people of the New Convenant.
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Father George Homily 18-03-18
Father George Homily - 18th March 2018
This Sunday is called Passion Sunday because the sufferings of Jesus Christ are now prominent in the closing of the Lenten Period. We hear in the Gospel that the Jews threaten to stone the Son of God, but His time has not yet come. Does Jesus fear death ?? No, because He is to die upon the "tree of Life".
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