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Happy Anniversary Radio Immaculata 2016-2017 thanks to the Immaculate Conception


Latest Audio - Homilies last Weekend from St.Mary's

Father George Homily - December 09th 2017
Father George preaches a most powerful homily of the state of the Church and the attacks against Catholicism in this "Culture of Death" we are immersed in nowadays. We must not lose hope however because The Immaculate will deliver us.

Latest Audio - Radio Imaculata Interviews at Symposium on Fatima

Interview with H.E. Raymond Cardinal Burke.
In this interview which took place on October 13th the last and final apparition of Our Lady at Fatima in which there was the miraculous miracle of the sun, Cardinal Raymond Burke, in a brief interview given during the Fatima Symposium at Buckfast Abbey in Devon England, gives a message to those faithful who still believe we have not complied with Our Lady's wishes at Fatima as well as revealing some particular devotions that he has.
Interview with Professor Roberto de Mattei
In this interview which took place during a Marian Symposium at Buckfast Abbey called 'Fatima 100 years later a Marian Call for the Whole Church' Prof. de Mattei answers questions regarding the consequences that result after not having complied with Our Lady's request to consecrate russia and propagate the First Five Saturdays devotion particularly under Pope Pius XI.
Interview with Fr. Marcus Holden.
In this another interview that took place at Buckfast Abbey Fr. Marcus Holden gives a basic summary of his conference which was entitled 'Eschatology: Hell, Purgatory, Heaven as Accounted by the seers of Fatima'.
Interview with Fr. Thomas Crean O.P.
Fr. Thomas Crean who is a Dominican Theologian gave this interview during Symposium on Fatima at Buckfast Abbey. In this interview Fr. Thomas Crean helps us to understand better sacrifice, penance and reparation particularly in connection with the Fatima message as well as giving his own personal advice on how we can live these more effectively in our lives and preach them also.
Interview with Fr. Richard Duffied
Fr. Richard Duffield is an Oratorian Priest who gave a conference called 'Fatima and the Holy Rosary' during a Marian Symposium on Fatima at Buckfast Abbey. In this interview Fr. Duffied summarizes the important message of the Rosary and the unfortunate reality that many people are not heeding this simple request to pray the Rosary.
Interview with Dr. Anca Maria Cernea
In this interview which took place during a Marian Symposium at Buckfast Abbey Dr. Anca explains what she describes as being a 'Cultural Marxism' and why in her opinion the current Russian regime is not to be trusted.



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